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Irish Formula Vee 07

Action from the vee's
Elliott takes title for Leastone

2007 Results

1 Kirkistown 31-3
1Ray Moore
2Paul Sammin
3Robert Casey
4Ken Elliott
5Brian Kelly
6Mark Horan
LapRobert Casey (1-07.994)
2 Mondello Park 8-4
1Shane Ringwood
2Ken Elliott
3Ray Moore
4Paul Sammin
5Robert Casey
6 Mark Horan
LapRobert Casey (1-01.527)
3 Kirkistown 28-4
1 Paul Sammin
2 Shane Ringwood
3 Robbie Allen
4 Robert Casey
5 Ray Moore
6 Trevor Delaney
Lap Ken Elliott (1-06-837)
4 Mondello 13-5
1 Paul Sammin
2 Shane Ringwood
3 Robert Casey
4 Robbie Allen
5 Ken Elliott
6 Brian Kelly
Lap Robbie Allen (1-01.311)
5 Mondello 9-6
1 Robbie Allen
2 Trevor Delaney
3 Robert Casey
4 Mark Horan
5 Ray Moore
6 Shane Ringwood
Lap Shane Ringwood(1-00-751)
6 Mondello 1-7
1 Robbie Allen
2 Mark Horan
3 Ken Elliott
4 Brian Kelly
5 Paul Sammin
6 Ray Moore
Lap Shane Ringwood (1-04.668)
7 Brands Hatch 28-7
1 Shane Ringwood
2 Ken Elliott
3 Ray Moore
4 Robert Casey
5 John Stapleton
6 Robbie Allen
Lap Ray Moore (0-54.10)
8 Brands Hatch 29-7
1Ken Elliott
2Keith Hogg
3 Trevor Delaney
4 Brian Kelly
5 Robert Casey
6 Dan Mulligan
Lap Keith Hogg (0-54.77)
9 Kirkistown 25-8
1 Ken Elliott
2 Robbie Allen
3 Ray Moore
4 Paul Sammin
5 Shane Ringwood
6 Brian Kelly
Lap Brian Kelly (1-09.633)
10 Mondello 23-9
1 Shane Ringwood
2 Paul Sammin
3 Robert Casey
4 Ken Elliott
5 Trevor Delaney
6 Brian Kelly
Lap Robert Casey (1-55.344)
11 Mondello 23-9
1 Ken Elliott
2 Paul Sammin
3 Trevor Delaney
4 Robert Casey
5 Mark Horan
6 John Stapleton
LapShane Ringwood (1-54.946)
2003/05 Results *

Round 5, Mondello 9 June 2007

Shane Ringwood started the latest round on pole from Paul Sammin, Robert Casey and Robbie Allen, and things were going well for him as he led the ra ce early on before a red flag stopped the race. Trevor Gray had rolled at Hond a and the Marshals need room to extract him from the car.

Ringwood led Sammin away from the line a second time with Allen, and Casey close by. Alistair Mc Dowell spun coming out of Honda and was collected by Dave O Brien leading to the safety car being deployed but this wasn't until after the leaders clashed in the Esses and both fell right down the order. Sammin tried to go up the inside of Ringwood as they entered the Esses but with disastrous consequences, He hit Ringwood and the pair were off. Allen took the lead followed by Casey, Trevor Delaney, Ray Moore, and Mark Horan. These five were way faster than the rest of the field and this was where th e best racing action was, Allen didn't hang around to join in the fun though. He steadily built a lead from the chasers lap by lap helped, by the chasers tripping themselves up as they attempted to gain a position. Delaney passed Casey early on and them spent the race defending, Horan was also able to squeeze past Moore but it was Allens day. He took his first win to the delight of the pitwall.

The Championship has really tightened up with this result. Ringwood climbed to 6th place in the race, while Sammin only got one point for 10th, but retains his lead but by a much smaller margin.

Round 2, Mondello Park 8 April 2007

Shane Ringwood won the opening round of the year at Mondello Park after a cracking race where any of six cars would have taken the flag. Paul Sammin started from pole ahead of Ringwood with only the front row qualifying straight through. CregorNews driver Ken Elliott won the heat to line up 3rd .

Sammin was quickest off the line and held his advantage from Ringwood, Elliott, Robbie Allen, Ray Moore, and Robbie Allen, but were closed down by the chasing pack. Former Champion Brain Kelly was in close attendance too. The leading group remained intact until lap ten when it all went to pieces for leader Sammin. He caught some oil exiting turn three and spun off into the infield to hand Ringwood the lead. The lead group was further reduced following contact between Elliott and Allen at Honda and the demise of Kell y. Elliott now came under pressure from Moore and this gave Ringwood a gap of the slimmest of margins, which the Wicklow racer grasped eagerly to hang on for the win. Elliott held off Moore for the podium places with a recovering Sammin scraping 4th place from Robert Casey who drove through the field having started on the back row.

The Championship has really been spiced up with this result and it's now extremely tight at the top. Moore holds a slight advantage over Elliott and Sammin. The rest of the grid is breathing down their necks as they head for the next round at Kirkistown.

Round 1, Kirkistown 13 March 2007

The Irish Vee's held a 24 hour enduro race at Kirkistown on Saturday (31-3) to open the 07 season and it was Champion Ray Moore who snatched victory from Paul Sammin on the last to keep up his winning ways. Race organisers having decided that 24 hours was too long to race air cooled engines and so cut the race distance to two (YES 2) laps.
There had been a red flag in the original restart, which was a more than generous six laps.

Pole sitter Sammin had the jump off the line and led into Colonial from Moore, as the field squeezed themselves safely through the first corner at the second attempt. Best mover was Ken Elliott who made 3 places by Colonia l, before a Shane Ringwood error at Fishermans gained him another. The order a t the end of lap one was Sammin, Moore, Robert Casey, Brian Kelly and Elliott . This all changed on the last lap as Moore made his move round Debtors and then slid his car up the inside of Sammin to take the lead. Casey tried to take advantage also but was held off by Sammin. Elliott was also on the mov e at Colonial and up to forth place past Kelly. The extremely short race put paid to further action and the drivers at the front finished in that order.

Talk in the paddock after was of how the Vee's were robbed of their race . TWO laps were a slap in the face to drivers who had travelled from as far afield as Donegal and Wexford not only for Saturdays race but also for testing on the Friday. The top drivers who qualified straight through to the Final got the rawest deal with the number of warm up laps matching the amount of racing laps