Phoenix Park Centenary Races 16/7-8-3

Turning Dublin Corner

Sunday's Winner Ken Elliott-backed by

The Formula Vee's had 2 races at the Centenary Park Races, one on each day. They weren't as fast as the Formula 1 Ferrari, however they were as exciting for the large crord. Qualifying decided the grid for the 1st race, with that result deciding Sunday's grid.

Ken Elliott and Paul Heavey occupied the front row in a pair of Leastone's ahead of the Sheane's of Declan Quigley and Robbie Parkes for Saturday's 8-lap race. Several crashes in the 1st corner caused the race to be red flagged. A lot of midfield runners ran into each other and the car of Finbar Murray ended up on its roof. Murray was ok but out of the race. There was a 5-lap restart.

Elliott who had originally had a bad start got a much better getaway 2nd time round and led for the 1st lap from Quigley and Heavey. The pair passed him on lap 3 as they used the long straights to draught past out of the slipstream. The leading trio were pulling away from Parkes and Garry Newsome behind. There was a further gap to Brian Kelly. Ex champion Brian Hearty who had technical trouble in qualifying was working his was up through the field.

Heavey and Elliott passed Quigley on lap 3. The pair then swapped the lead on each corner for several laps. Quigley spun at Dublin and beached his car on the grass verge falling to last. Parkes was promoted to 3rd with Newsome right on his gearbox looking for the final podium position. There was a gap to Antoin Cahill who was coming under pressure from Hearty.

Heavey led into the last lap, but ran wide at Dublin having left his breaking late, Elliott nipped through once again, however Heavey was not to be out foxed. He got better drive on the back straight and was able to squeeze through at (Mountjoy) the final corner to take the win from team-mate Elliott Parkes held off Newsome to claim 3rd place.

The win by Heavey left him on pole for the 8-lap race on Sunday morning. Elliott beside him had a poor start and into the 1st corner the order was Heavey, Parkes, Newsome, with Elliott and Cahill bunched behind them. The field made it safely round the opening lap intact. Elliott had made his way up to 3rd as they started lap 2. He then pulled off the move of the weekend by overtaking the 2 leaders on the straight. His car twisting sideways as his wheels locked under the hard braking, Elliott somehow turned into and around Dublin corner as the large crowd roared it's approval

The leading trio was joined by Hearty midrace. He had broken from the pack, which was headed by Cahill and Newsome. He passed Parkes on the straight to move into 3rd. The ex Champion then started to pressurize Heavey for 2nd place. This was exactly what Elliott needed. He pulled a gap while Heavey had to watch his mirrors and defend. Hearty was denied a good result when his car packed up on the final lap.

Elliott held on to take his first win at the Phoenix Park Races from Heavey with Parkes making the podium for the 2nd day running.


Vee SaturdayCar
1Paul HeaveyLeastone
2Ken ElliottLeastone
3Robbie ParkesSheane
4Garry NewsomeSheane
5Brian HeartySheane
6Antoin CahillSheane
LapBrian Hearty
Vee SundayCar
1Ken ElliottLeastone
2Paul HeaveyLeastone
3Robbie ParkesSheane
4Garry NewsomeSheane
5Antoin CahillSheane
6Declan QuigleySheane
LapBrian Hearty1-23.44
Historic SaturdayCar
1Jackie CochraneSunbeam Tiger
2Richard O MahonyPorsche 911
3Maurice CassidyMGB GT V8
4Edmund CassidySunbeam Tiger
5Ciaran MolumbyPorsche 911
6Alan KessiePorsche 911
LapJim O Reilly1-19.37
Historic SundayCar
1Jim O ReillyPorsche 911
2Michael DoyleTVR Tuscan
3Maurice CassidyMGB GT V8
4Richard O MahonyPorsche 911
5Edmund CassidySunbeam Tiger
6Ciaran MolumbyPorsche 911
LapJim O Reilly1-21.46
Punto/Uno SaturadyCar
1Stan FaulknerPunto
2PJ LawlorPunto
3Liam RabbitPunto
4Richard KearneyPunto
5Jenny KellettPunto
6Jennifer DanielPunto
LapStan Faulkner1-29.86
Punto/Uno SundayCar
1Liam RabbitPunto
2Richard KearneyPunto
3Jenny KellettPunto
4PJ LawlorPunto
5David PrattPunto
6Aldo MariniPunto
LapLiam Rabbit1-30.30
Failte Historic Sat.Car
1Tom Mc Kinney
2John BladonMerlyn Mk9 FF
3Robin LongdonLola 5A F
4Chris BallBrabham F2
5Robert SaundersMarch 708 FF
6Jeremy StockJamun T2 FF
LapChris Ball1-20.16
Crossle/Stryker SatCar
1Geof Mc ConvilleCrossle
2PJ FallonCrossle
3Killian WhelanCrossle
4Richard ParsonsCrossle
5Ivor MillarGlobal
6Frank CassidyStryker
LapArnie Black1-12.51
Crossle/Stryker SunCar
1Ray MooreCrossle
Sheane Rover Sun Car
1Brian HeartySheane
2Matt DunneSheane
3Enda o ConnorSheane
4Breen WhiteSheane
5Dermot DohertySheane
6Jimmy LyonsSheane
LapBreen White1-16.36
Fiat Abarth 1Car
1Joey FreeburnAbarth
2Karl LenoardAbarth
3Bob CopelandAbarth
4Bill GriffinAbarth
5Gordon KellettAbarth
6Paul MolloyAbarth
LapKarl Lenoard1-24.61
Fiat Abarth 2Car
1Bill GriffinAbarth
2Karl LenoardAbarth
3Liam DenningAbarth
4Quentin SmithAbarth
5Stan FaulknerAbarth
6Clive PrattAbarth
LapClive Pratt1-24.58

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