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Delaney Mondello Winner

Trevor Delaney won the last round of the Championship at Mondello Park on Saturday. He led at the crucial time to take the victory on countback after Paul Sammin's roll into the gravel trap of Honda brought out the red flag a nd an end to the race.
Delaney, Sammin, and Dave Heavey were the three racers who streaked away fr om the front of the pack at the start; amazingly they pulled the lead while swapping positions and fighting amongst themselves. The lead was reduced however with the appearance of the safety car following a spin by Robbie Parkes at Dunlop. Most drivers agreed afterwards that the race should have been stopped on safety grounds and conveyed this to the organising club. Delaney had the best restart with Heavey, and Sammin in hot pursuit. John Downey tagged along with the leaders as they once pulled away from the chasing pack. The group only splintered when Sammin rolled after contact fr om behind handing victory to Delaney.

Garry Newsome scooped the win and with it the National Championship title at Kirkistown on Saturday. Paul Sammin started from pole but it was the fast starting Trevor Delaney, and Stephen Kershaw who were best off the line ahead of the 28 cars. Sammin did get himself back in front but the race was redflagged when he spun on oil exiting the hairpin. The incident also eliminated Dave Heavey.
Delaney led the restart before an error let through Newsome and Kershaw who both streaked away at the front. Delaney was running in 3rd before a spin at Fishermans cost him a podium place. Ray Moore snatched that on the last lap. Newsome held off Kershaw to win and with the demise of Robbie Parkes midrace the title of National Champion

2005 Results

1 Mondello 10-4
1Paul Sammin
2Robbie Parkes
3Robert Casey
4Garry Newsome
5Ger Callaghan
6Brian Leader
LapTrevor Delaney (1-01.05)
2 Kirkistown 30-4
1Robbie Parkes
2Ger Callaghan
3Trevor Delaney
4Brian Kelly
5 David Heavey
6Keith Hogg
LapTrevor Delaney (1.-06.54)
3 Mondello 8-5
1Keith Hogg
2Robbie Parkes
3Trevor Delaney
4Ray Moore
5Garry Newsome
6Brian Leader
LapRay Moore (1-01.32)
4Kirkistown 28-5
1Trevor Delaney
2Robbie Parkes
3Keith Hogg
4 David Heavey
5 Stephen Kershaw
6 Ronan Healy
Lap David Heavey (1-07.21)
5 Mondello 18-6
1Garry Newsome
2Paul Sammin
3Stephen Kershaw
4Robbie Parkes
5Ronan Healy
6Keith Hogg
LapGarry Newsome (1-01.37)
6 Mondello 18-6 *
1Garry Newsome
2Robert Casey
3John Downey
4Willie Callaghan
5Peter Donnelly
6Dan Mulligan
LapGarry Newsome (1-02.04)
7 Pembrey 9-7
1Garry Newsome
2David Heavey
3Robbie Parkes
4Trevor Delaney
5Keith Hogg
6Stephen Kershaw
LapGarry Newsome (1-05.23)
8 Pembrey 10-7
1Garry Newsome
2Keith Hogg
3Paul Sammin
4Stephen Kershaw
5Trevor Delaney
6Robbie Parkes
LapPaul Sammin (1-05.19)
9 Kirkistown 23-7
1Paul Sammin
2Garry Newsome
3Trevor Delaney
4Robbie Parkes
5 Brian Kelly
6 Ray Moore
LapTrevor Gray (1-06.50)
10 Kirkistown 28-8
1 Garry Newsome
2Stephen Kershaw
3Ray Moore
4 Robert Casey
5Dan Mulligan
6Trevor Delaney
LapStephen Kershaw (1-07.15)
11 Mondello 11-9
1 Trevor Delaney
2David Heavey
3Paul Sammin
4 John Downey
5Willie Callaghan
6Stephen Kershaw
LapStephen Kershaw (1-00.33)
P Festival Final
1 Ken Elliott
2Paul Sammin
3Jake Oliveria
4Fergus Dalton
5Garry Newsome
6Ronan Healy
LapJake Oliveria (1-00.73)
2003/04 Results * Amended

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