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Black Gold in the making

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In an effort to improve sustainable living we invested in a Wromery in June 2004. Live composting worms live in it. They eat house hold and garden waste breaking it down to a rich compost 'Black Gold' for the garden. The unit came from Element Green in Cork. There are three palstic layers with holes in them, a layer is added when the previous one is full, and the worms work their way up the stack. The bottom layer is removed and ready for use when the top one is filled. The top layer of our unit was added in August 05 so it is a slow process, compost has yet to be harvested.

Black Gold in the making The worms are vegeterians, and don't eat meat or fish. The food is added in layers, and they start to eat it after it's started to decompose. Best practice it appears is to keep a large tub in the kitcken for scraps to be added to the wormery when full. Leaves when added are best cut up a bit, only small amounts of grass have been added, dead headed flowers were fine. Pizza when added just went to a funny mush so is probally best left out.

Water drains through a tap at the bottom of the composter. Added to water ten parts to one this 'Liquid Gold' makes a savage fertlizer. The lucky flowers to be watered with it have bloomed all summer, snd the vine has a large bounty of grapes. The wormery is kept under the shade of a tree in the garden. It was in the garage but this was not sutible.

Black Gold in the making Black Gold in the making


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