Dublin Spire Gallery

Week ending 5/7/3.
A crane was moved into O Connell Street on Friday morning. The temporary light on the top of the Spire is at last being removed. The Spire was unveiled on Monday morning at 11am. The barriers have been removed from around the base, and you can now stand at the bottom of the structure. .

The Spire of Dublin City had it's first piece installed on 18-12-2. The first part of what is a massive errection was dropped into place just before 10am. One of the biggest mobile cranes in Europe was used to install it. The crane (not the yellow one) was parked in O Connell Street since November and only it's massive wheels have saved it from numerous attempts to clamp it. It has been named 'the spike' for now by Dubliners, but that is expected to change for a phrase that rhymes when it is completed in early 2003.
Located at the junction of O Connell Street with Henry Street, and North Earl Street it is on the site of Nelsons Pillar which was blown up by the IRA in the sixties. When complete it will be visable from Wales and Kerry. A pirate radio station in Dublin has put up a prize of a million pounds (e1,269,738) to the first person to ring a bicycle tyre over the structure when it is complete. Youth's across the country have been practicing on mere lamp posts by way of training. Dublin hospitals are gearing up for a lot of neck strain injuries in the coming weeks as Dubliners look to the skies.