O'Malley On His Toes Again



The Autosport International show in Birmingham was the first stop of 2006 for O Malley where he found a car sponsored by Guinness (The Black Stuff) to pose beside, before Murray Walker asked for a photo. Murray it seems mistook our man for Jean Totd, the lurker is Keno. Bonny Scotland was next up and was well cold as O Malley posed in Princess St Park with Edinburgh Castle in the background, and then on the waterfront in Glasgow where he was admiring the many bridges. Then it was back to the States, O Malley was in Huntsville, Alabama in March where he visited the NASA museum where he posed with an Apollo rocket and a Space Shuttle. Is he planning an out of this world trip?
Keep your eyes peeled on foreign shores.


O Malley started the year 2005 with a first visit to Africa. He posed for a photo at Robben Island on January 20th. The prison island off Cape Town, was home to the incarcirated Freedom Fighter Nelson Mandella during the struggle to free his people. There was then a long gap before the next report, May was the date when he visited Prague and posed on the Metro just by the map. Canada was the place to be in June, after posing by the CN Tower, and Skydome O Malley kipped down with a squirrel out on the islands. He then moved on for another visit to the Falls at Niagara posing with Louise above the raging waters. South Wales is usually as wet but was sunny when our man dropped in during early July. Staying fairly local he posed at a memorial on the Falls Road in Belfast in August, before heading to Ibiza. During September he visited the party island but shunned the lights and shacked up in Ibiza Town. A coffee disaster ruined a photo of the visit to Sardinia before the last port of call for 2005. Japan was the country and Tokoyo the city in mid October, which saw an early end of travelling for the year.


The year 2004 started with some winter sun for O Malley. Lanzorate was the destination. He posed on the beach overlooked by the famous Los Farriones where he stayed. A trip to Austria for the skiing in Feburary was followed by a trip to the Moldeves. O Malley posed on the golden sands on the edge of the Indian Ocean. May was a sporting month for 'The Lepo'. A visit to the famous race track Brands Hatch was followed by a stop over at the footballing Mecca of the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italty. Inter sadly weren't at home in the Serie A on the day. June saw our man visit the enclave of Dubrovnek in the former Yugoslavia. The central European theme continued in July with a visit to Transelvania in Romania before. The tour turned stateside in August.O Malley visited the home state of George W Bush, and posed for photos in Fort Worth, Texas. The year finished the way it had begun with a visit to the Canaries. O Malley posed with a young fan overlooking the beach of Teneriefe.


O Malley was on his toes early in 2003. He reported from Cyprus in the Med. in early January, visiting Nicosia, and Famagusta. Feburary saw a visit to Gran Canaria, and then at the start of March saw our man at Mallory Park near Leicester in England. The end of March was a gem of a trip for O Malley, his first stop was in the Capital of Mongolia-Ulaanaatar. The Lepo stopped off at the Great Wall of China on the way to it's capital Beijing, where he posed out front of the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square. Neil and Christine met him on his journey and posed for a photo. He was back in England in April where he went punting on the river Fenn in Cambridge.
The Lepo was back in the Big Apple in June before heading to two new countries Croatia and Slovenia. He met a large bunch of Girl Guides at Postojna in Slovenia who gave him a make over and sent him on his way. O Malley was on home truf in July. The British Superbikes were at Mondello Park and he met up with Champion Shane 'Shakey' Byrne, and a couple of Stunnas from Virgin Mobile. There was a long break before the next and final report of the year. In October he visited Athens Greece and was there to supervise work on the Acropilis which is being done up for the 2006 Olympics.


The start of 2002 wasn't the best for travelling and the first pic of the year comes from Austria where O Malley skied at the start of March. He'd been in Barcelona but the editor lost the photo.

In April O Malley went to Cyprus to work for RTE on No Frontiers. He posed for pictures with Ken O Mahony the director, and the star of the show, stunna Kathryn Thomas. The photos tells it's own story as to wether he enjoyed himself. Wouldn't you ??

Along with most of the population of Ireland, O Malley made is way to Japan and then Korea for World Cup 2002. He attended all of the matches Ireland were involved in from where he reported for 'The Lepo Times' a leprauchan newspaper. When Ireland moved on to play Spain in South Korea our man was there supporting the team. When Eammon Dunphy mentioned 'flag waving leprauchans' he was right in the case of O Malley Cyber Stowaway.

The lepo headed to Bulgaria after the world cup and at the start of July was involved with a couple of knomes over there. He was caught out and almost shot for it the following day, but was ran out of town instead. Next up wass the Belgian grand prix brfore a visit to the Eternal city of Rome.

The lepo popped up in Australia on October 11 posing by the opera House and Sydney harbour bridge in his 2nd trip down under. His last stops of 2002 were in Oslo Airport, Norway and then Frankfurt Germany.


2001 began with a bang for O MALLEY when he circumnavigated the globe on his first trip of the year.LA was the first stop where he tried to pull the sword from the stone at Disneyland, then it was off to Australia where he posed with a local Koala in the outback. then he travelled back across asia(no pics. avaliable) and was back in Ireland for Paddies day for a session.
There was then a two month break before the Cyber Stowaway reported back to us .He'd been in Rome the eternal city. That was the end of May. A month later he turned up posing as a true stowaway on a boat in the middle of New York with a blonde bombshell. Three days later he'd crossed the peace bridge into Canada and posed like a mexican looking across an impassable ravine at the land of milk and honey.
The next reports by our man 'the lepo' came from Copenhagen where he turned up in Christiana which is a sort of village in the Danish capital that was July 25. Then there was an 8 week gap between reports but he arrived home having been on a tour of the Eastern Pacific. This was his second time in Los Angeles this year before going on to San Francisco and Hawaii for the first time.
O Malley next turned up on the continent of Africa when on November 1 he appeared in Marrakech in Morocco before reporting back to us and moving on again when he brought back our next picture from Holland when O Malley called into the sex museum to check out the history of shagging while on a mad-one in the 'Dam'. He was later spotted down the red light district with a 2 foot brasser.

The last report of the year from the Cyber Stowaway came fron Thailand where he posed first in Phuket and then in a place called Krabi with 2 stunnas. They really took a shine to our man.


April 23: O'Malley the Cyber Stowaway embarked on a monumental journey to visit every corner of the globe and report for Cregor News. April 26 saw him turn in Philadelphia, ringing the Liberty Bell. Three days later he was in the Big Apple, New York City before returning home to file his report.
Next stop on his journey he turned up in Malta on May 5, but unfortunately no photos are available due to espionage.
After a few weeks off to recharge his batteries (he couldn't blag his way on board anyone's luggage), he turned up in Kos on May 20. He checked in with us and he's gone again. Have you seen him?
After a failed attempt to get to Spain. He turned up in Lincolnshire, England at the Brandy Wharf Cider Factory on June 24, where after eight pints of Scrumpy he wrecked the place with a local goblin. He was chased cross-country where he stopped in Holyhead, Wales to meet some local unemployed leprechauns.
July 21 was an overcast day in Ibiza, and O'Malley took the opportunity to go out to the Cafe Del Mar with Stavros and Del Boy, and then posed on San Antonio Beach outside Eden night club for a badly-taken photo. That was the only day he ventured out during daylight hours. He was back in Ireland, but is gone again. A few days later,on 29 July it was the Canary islands that hosted O'Malley before flying North the following week to the capital of Finland, Helsinki on the 4/5 October.
On the 1st to the 9th, O'Malley was one of the few visitors to the Millennium Dome followed by a mile-high spin on the London Eye.
Tuscany in the Fall is the place to be seen, and on October 1st O'Malley Cyber Stowaway turned up in Siena, Tuscany to check out the Autumn foliage before moving onto Solden in Austria on November 11 for some Winter fun in the Alps.To round off a remarkable year the Cyber Stowaway appeared at the Taj Mahal in India of all places on December 15. Considering he only started in April thats a lot of miles for anyone ,let alone a penniless leprechaun from Ireland.