Scan an Acer


The Foliage Cam runs in Autumn to fill the void between Summercam and Springcam and also to promote the beauty of the Acer tree in autumn.

The Acer is a form of Japanese Maple and the leaves change through several colours at this time of year.There are many different types of trees in the Acer family.
This Acer was planted in April of 2001. The summer of 02 in Ireland was very wet. The tree grew, but some of the leaves have been scorched by the sun which shone briefly between showers. A clematis has grown through part of the tree.
2003 was a hot summer and the tree grew well. Weights were tied to some branches to shape the tree,and it has started to take a nice look.

The summer of 2004 has been perfect for the Acer. The leaves have gone the whole year with little or no scorching. The tree suffered from kanker duriny the year. I had to cut out one of the 3 trunks, right to the base. I sealed the wound with 'Arbrex', and the tree seems to have survived the Trauma.